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> Internet Service Providers
сообщение 21.5.2018, 14:45
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COMCAST SUCKS !! Was with them once before with the whole package; tv, phone and Internet. Left them because of "lost" payments. Went to DirecTv and voila, same freaking issues! Bought Roku for tv and we're totally cellular for communication, but unfortunately went back to Comcast for Internet only for tje Roku. Was supposed to be a $34.99 package, started it in November and my bill is already up to almost $300!
Anyway, I learned from Cordcutters News of an internet reseller, Toast.net. No data cap, good speed and a bill that's affordable and the Same amount every month. The ISP they're reselling is AT&T tho, so my question is, does anyone out there have any experience with them,(Toast, not AT&T)? I did a net search for reviews of them but what I found is about half good and half bad, idk kill me now. Being in a capital city you'd think I would have a lot of choices on this, but no.

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Video content service

Thank you

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сообщение 6.9.2018, 11:27
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Советую проверенный сайт с богатым выбором игровых автоматов на Вулкане. В онлайн казино доступна как бесплатная тренировка, так и возможность делать ставки и выигрывать реальные суммы. Можно начать играть прямо сейчас без регистрации.
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