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> Vista Damaged File System And Read Errors
сообщение 27.9.2017, 9:32
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I have an old Acer Aspire PC with Windows Vista, turned it on the other day to fine a blinking cursor. So I removed the hard drive and put it in a USB caddy and connected it to a Windows7 PC. In computer management I see 3 partitions:
1) 9.76 GB Health (Recovery Partition)
2) 69.77 GB RAW (Active, Primary Partition)
3) 69.52 GB NTFS (Primary Partition)

I can read the files on partition 3 but partition 2 which used to have the Vista OS now reads zero bytes and Windows7 says it needs formatting. I had a second hard drive connected that was a clone, and when I put that in the USB caddy it's the same result, which I thought was strange. Can I use TestDisk to rewrite the partition table, or is it beyond hope. Otherwise can I reformat partition 2 and use the recovery partition to re-install Vista on partition 2? Can any one advise please?
Please Help.
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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сообщение 16.1.2018, 22:10
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ничего не ясно
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