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> Corporate Credit Cards: Experiences
сообщение 9.5.2018, 12:10
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When I worked for huge companies, I had a company credit card. I have had Mastercards, Visas, and American Express. In most cases, you could spend whatever on the card, and submit an expense report. Assuming you spent it on approved items (travel, company luncheons, petty cash purchases, etc), the company either paid your card directly or paid you by check and you paid the card.
My GC is considering giving me one. Some issues came up over the last job site that kind of made not having a company card a problem (I can't go into it, but it had to do with proving I worked for the company and was good for the money). My credit rating is pretty bad, though, due to all my medical bills and various financial issues (but no liens, bankruptcies, unpaid taxes, or other garnishments; nothing heavy). I haven't had a card in over 6 years, so I am wondering if this matters before I bring it up to him. Credit rating is in the high 500s.

Any help will be apprecited.

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