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> Debit Card Online Shopping Problems - What To Do?
сообщение 14.5.2018, 14:27
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I recently acquired a HSBC Singapore Visa Debit Card (multi-currency) and I am having numerous problems using it to pay for items online. I have tried using the card to purchase items from separate websites and the payments are continually getting rejected. A phone call to the bank led me to be informed that their debit card's require CVV2 transaction transmission (A VISA transmission security type i.e. the 3-digit number on the back). Slightly technical, what this means is that the website (let's use merchant instead) does not speak HSBC/VISA transaction language (even though all of the sites ask for the 3 digit number anyway). The merchant does not transit the full transmission back to HSBC (a design flaw) and hence the transaction gets rejected.
Now, clearly HSBC have implemented this technology for security/fraud prevention purposes which is all fine but what is the point if barely any merchants use this type of technology? The debit card is worthless in any sense. The workaround they offered me was to obtain their 'credit card' or go to another bank (yes, they actually told me that!). So on their advice, I phoned another bank (Citibank) and queried them on setting up a new account, told them the problem at HSBC and they said they too have the same level of security due to MAS regulations so I would indeed have the same problem??
I am from England and will be splitting my time between both countries. I conduct a big chunk of my purchases online. Is there a debit card that works online in this country and what are people currently doing? I don't want/need a credit card. Surely I am not the only one who wants to purchase something from Amazon for example.

Any help will be apprecited.

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